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Learn how Statements of Power can help you with your business, sales and communication results, money beliefs, relationships, thoughts, self control, integrity, health, soul, mind and all aspects of your life!
* ​Are you aware of the statements are you ​​speaking to yourself and others?
* ​Are you aware of the statements that affects our thoughts, communications,                   relationships, money beliefs, business results, sales results, health and all aspects of    your life?
* ​​Do you take every statements from others too personally?
* Can an insignificant statements incident destroy your whole day?
​​* Are you easily affected by what people say or think about you?
​* Do you allow your statements and people to affect your life and your behavior?
​* Do you lack inner peace?
* Have you been wondering and struggling for a very long time as to why you have been    attracting negativity to yourself and other people?


​    Statements are the words, part of our vocabulary what we say in our thoughts to ourselves and to others.  Statements have incredible power in our life that affect our business, sales, communication, relationships, money beliefs, self control, health, soul, mind and all aspect of our life.  It provides us the process for expressing and sharing our conversations with others. Most of us don't realize that it is the statements, we choose by unconscious habit is affecting what we experience.  We habitually choose to speak negative statements unconsciously from our environment or the way we were raised or the way we were taught.  By changing your negative statements is how you can take control of your conscious and unconscious habits to change the quality of your life and business.  By changing your old habit of negative statements from your vocabulary (the statements that you use regularly use to express the emotions of your life) - you can instantly change the way you feel, think, how you live and express to others.  Did you know the statements spoken from others do affect you as well?

​     With the "Statements of Power" pocket sized guidebook, you can change all that and achieve the breakthrough you want that will improve your relationships, conversations, money beliefs, business, career and all other aspects of your life to a new level by applying this amazing pocket sized guide book to your thoughts and conversations.  The statements we speak to ourselves and to others creates our experiences and it becomes our experience; in the same way how the universal law of attraction works: the cause and effect.

     You can change your business, life and your destiny by looking up the positive statements in the pocket sized guidebook and start making the change. Imagine how free, relieved and happy you would be, as you would be calm and poised in the midst of whatever is happening in your life. Think how much physical, emotional, and mental energy you could spare, if you could avoid becoming upset, angry, depressed or moody.

                       Changing statements in your thoughts will change your life!​​

​​The 'Statements of Power' pocket sized guidebook is useful at home or work, or in your relationships with your family, relatives, friends and co-workers, and with everyone else.  It is small enough to fit your purse or pocket to carry everywhere you go. 
The good news is that Statements of Power can help you change this situation!
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​March 2014 Women's Festival / Santa Barbara, CA

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​Imagine a world with less negative statements,
A world with more acceptance to positive statements.

Imagine a world with less hostility towards verbal statements,
A world with more kind statements spoken.

Imagine a world with less hateful statements,
A world with more LOVE encouraging statements.

Imagine a world like this within one’s self—Peace, Trust and Faith.

                           ​ ~Heide Hargreaves​
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